Azerbaijan in a Box

We are a small company with a big vision to showcase Azerbaijani culture and traditions in a fresh way and compact size.

Become a part of our story.

Why Choose Us?

Azerbaijan in a Box creates luxury handmade gift sets 100% made in Azerbaijan, by Azerbaijani artists. Our souvenirs will nourish the memories of your visit to Azerbaijan or introduce you to Azerbaijani culture and traditions. 

Our passion is to produce beautiful items which you will continue to enjoy for months and years.

Each set has it’s own story to share; and each story will help you learn about Azerbaijani people, their habits, folklore and traditions.

We use only the highest quality materials and our artists are commissioned by us to create their own unique interpretation of Azerbaijani motifs. We want both our customers and suppliers to be satisfied.

About Us

Jamila Azizova

Creator of Azerbaijan in a Box

It all started when...

Frustrated at not being able to find any gifts that truly reflected Azerbaijani culture and traditions, we decided to make our own.

The idea was to create original, quality, stylish, locally-made gifts showcasing Azerbaijan.

Having it in an attractive, compact box would make it easy for visitors to take home both as a memento of their visit, and to share something of Azerbaijan with friends and family.


125 Alovsat Guliyev, Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan in a Box


Working hours:

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We also work by appointment.

Appointments could be made by phone/WhatsApp number: +99451 7772951